Q: Who is on the Board this year?
A: You can find current board members, their position, and contact information under the Contact us link on the sidebar. 

Q: How do I report a maintenance issue / common grounds in need of repair?
A: You may email Mary Carroll at mary@marquismgt.com or email a board member.

Q: How do I receive or replace my POOL / TENNIS access cards. 
A: Complete our Access Card Agreement.  Send it to mary@marquismgt@gmail.com with your request and she will assist in the next steps! 

Q: What to do if I'd like to build an addition, make exterior changes to my house, cut trees, or temporarily have a Boat or RV on my property?
A: Notify Mary Carroll at mary@marquismgt.com of any improvements or Boat/RV inquiries for prior Architectural Committee approval.  You can find a "Request for Architectural Exterior Change" Form under the Documents tab. 

If your question isn't answered here, please Contact us we are eager to answer any questions you may have!