Rezoning for nearby Dollar General proposed

posted Jul 27, 2015, 3:56 PM by Shelby Allen
One of our neighbors became aware of the Dollar General pending request to rezone the Southwest corner of the Fischer, Raymond Hill intersection.
This would effect our community so I encourage you to share your views, regardless of what they are:

August 4th, 6pm
County Commission Meeting Room (second floor above the Tax Assessors Office)
County Administration Building
37 Perry Street
Newnan, Georgia 30263

My understanding is that each topic will only be allowed a few minutes, but that the number of people in attendance is noted.

If you're unable to attend, then you can also share your thoughts in voicemail or email to Rodney Brooks ( or 404.557.5942), who is the District Commissioner.

Finally, those who are opposed to the rezoning are organizing their voices with an online petition so that this can be presented at the meeting. You can find that here:
iPetition: No to Dollar General, Yes to Rural

Thank you for being active in your community!

P.S. The Planning & Zoning Department is recommending approval of this rezoning request for the
following reasons:

1) Based on staff comments and recommended conditions, the proposed use should not have
any adverse effect on public facilities. (Standards 3,7,11, 12,)
2) The proposed commercial land use is consistent with the intent of the Comprehensive
Plan, and Commercial Crossroads Character Area. (Standards 1, 2, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14)
3) The subject property will have ready access to minor arterial and major collector road
systems. (Standards 3, 4, 7, 12, 13).
4) While the property does not lie within the Quality Development Corridor District, the
applicant has proffered a design development which will incorporate enhanced
architectural requirements along with residential buffers to provide a transition from
commercial corridor to residential neighborhood. (Standards 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14)
Should the Board of Commissioners choose to approve this request, the Planning & Zoning
Department is recommending that the applicant meets the following conditions:
1. Lighting shall be established so adjacent properties and roadways are not adversely
affected, and to preclude glare onto or direct illumination of adjacent properties and
2. The development shall meet the requirements of the proffered Article 26. Quality
Development Corridor Overlay District unless a variance is granted through the normal
variance process. In addition, the display of products/goods & shopping carts outside of
store shall be strictly prohibited.
3. The store building shall meet the requirements of the Coweta County Fire Marshall.
4. The site will be served via public water.
5. Plans for the proposed left-turn lane and right-turn lane improvements to Fischer Road at
the proposed site driveway shall be approved and permitted by the Coweta County
Transportation & Engineering Department.
6. The developer shall meet the requirements of the Coweta County Soil Erosion,
Sedimentation, and Pollution Control Ordinance.
7. Stormwater management shall be provided for in accordance with the Coweta County
Stormwater Management Ordinances.
8. All existing wells, within 100’ of the proposed on-site sewage management system, must
be filled in under the guidance of a licensed well driller and a letter provided stating that
it was done according to regulations.
9. The proposed buffer shall meet the requirements of Article 25 with the exception of the
Planning Director’s ability to review the existing vegetation.
10. Based upon the existing conceptual site plan, a landscape berm, 2ft in height with a slope
of 3:1, shall be provided along Raymond Hill Road within the required 20 ft. landscape
strip. However, upon receipt of final grading plan, the Planning Director may waive this
requirement if it is found that the 2 ft. berm would not provide additional screening along
Raymond Hill Road.