2017 HOA Meeting

posted Jan 11, 2017, 9:34 AM by Shelby Allen   [ updated Jan 11, 2017, 9:34 AM ]
Happy New Year!

The HOA Annual Meeting is Tuesday, Jan. 24th at the Northgate High School cafeteria. Sign in and dinner will be from 6:00 to 6:30 pm. The meeting will begin at 6:30 and last as long as we want to stay and talk or until the school kicks us out at 9 pm. If you can't be there until after the meeting starts, please come anyway.

If you are new to the neighborhood or have not attended we invite you to come meet your neighbors, share a meal, win a door prize, and vote on how we are going to spend your neighbors' dues this year.

There are positions opening on the board. This is an all homeowner volunteer board and you are welcome to jump in and take a turn. Keeping subdivision management inside the subdivision keeps all of our dues lower. Outside management companies have a lot of overhead.
If you are unable to attend, please sign your proxy and give it to a neighbor who is attending, or put it in the mailbox at the pool, 11 Strathmore Dr., or email it to treasurerstrathmore@gmail.com. If you need a copy of the proxy form please send an email to treasurer. Your proxy will count as attendance and will help to make the quorum necessary to open the meeting.
We look forward to seeing there!